Engine Blueprints by 6=8 Clifford Performance

Engine Blueprints by 6=8 Clifford Performance

The single most important choice to begin your build is the Cam & Induction System.

Pick a Torque Cam & think Velocity to create Torque. This is why Jack Clifford designed short duration, high lift cam profiles for the Inline Engines. Our cams get a flat torque curve off idle to 5,000 rpm's. Great daily drivers.

Next Jack Clifford wanted to create a High Velocity Intake System. This is why he designed his open plenum style products with oversized runners & added Water Jacket to atomize fuel & air. He didn't want 3 wet cylinders & 3 dry. BALANCE!

If you bolt on our Intake, Headers with a 4 barrel carb, you will add 45% Torque.

If you bolt on our Intake, Headers 2 barrel Weber carb, you will add 70% Torque.

Obviously, the Weber 38 carb is a velocity product? 

When we balance the Intake System by adding a Dual 38/38 Weber Carb System with headers, we not only add 120% Torque & Horse Power, we also add 6 to 10 MPG.

Both systems run great on STOCK ENGINES or 6=8 BLUEPRINTED ENGINES.

Distributor Answers & Settings:
Recurve your stock distributor at 6 to 8 degree's off idle & 36 to 38 degree's at 3,000 rpm's.

The lists below is parts only. Find a good engine builder and give them the information with the parts. You will be happy you did.

High Volume Oil Pumps will destroy your engine. It will twist your cam bearing within 1,000 miles. If your valve train is making noise, you might want to drain your oil and zink.

Zink additives are not your friend. Do not use synthetic oil. We use 5/30 CASTROL OIL only.